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one piece at a time.


Crafting jewellery is more than just creating an object, it’s the opportunity to create a balance between beauty and sentiment. Rooted in simplicity and individuality, NAKIIT values all aspects of the process from concept to creation.

 Inspired by clean lines, organic textures, and subtle, often overlooked details in the world around us, each piece of jewellery created comes from the hands and heart of Melina Power, continually growing in the pursuit of creativity.




Contemporary bridal jewellery, for you and your bridesmaids, that can be worn for the big day and beyond.


Jewellery with a refined elegance. Handcrafted in recycled gold and reclaimed gemstones. 


Shop modern and minimal designs versatile for any occasion.


Shop cutting edge designs and lightweight, affordable jewellery in wood and acrylic.


Hand carved and quality crafted men's jewellery, inspired by nature's raw & rugged landscapes.


Shop one of a kind jewellery for your next unique piece.


NAKIIT celebrates individuality and aims to inspire by making jewellery that is just for you. It's a joy to connect with others and create uniquely handcrafted pieces, whether they are for everyday wear or a particular milestone. NAKIIT offers an intimate and collaborative bespoke experience when it comes to crafting your beloved custom piece. Work directly with Melina to participate in stone selection, sketch reviews, and progress pics. 

Learn more about creating bespoke jewellery and the process behind it.

Nick+Tory Engagement Ring

"...Melina is highly skilled, creative, and dedicated. Beyond pure talent, she is an absolute delight - warm, friendly, collaborative and patient. Couldn't recommend NAKIIT more!"

Tyler + Tash Wedding Bands_edited.jpg

"...We explained our vision and she went beyond our expectations. It is obvious that Melina is a passionate artist with and beyond jewellery, which we think is so special about her. She finds inspiration through many mediums, resulting in unique and timeless pieces."

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