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NAKIIT celebrates individuality and aims to inspire by making jewellery that is just for you. From necklaces to bracelets, engagement rings to anniversary gifts, milestone birthdays and more, it's an honour to create bespoke jewellery for the special occasions life has to offer.

Driven by a passion for detail and organization, NAKIIT provides unique and simplistic designs so the jewellery you dream of, can be a reality. NAKIIT is dedicated to facilitating an open experience when working on bespoke jewellery pieces, providing information on the process, suitable budget, time frame, materials, and limitations before starting a project. NAKIIT aims to inform clients about technical aspects to consider in the craftsmanship of jewellery making, so your custom piece can be enjoyed now and for years to come.

NAKIIT understands how important the process of creating a bespoke jewellery piece is, which is why throughout the journey from consultation to completion, your main point of contact is Melina herself. Melina enjoys connecting with clients and listening to each individual story they bring when requesting a custom piece.

With formal training in Fine Arts, experience as a Graphic Designer, and technical training in Jewellery & Metalsmithing, Melina uses all the creative tools in her tool belt when working closely with clients towards their bespoke jewellery piece.



Start by filling out the form below. This will give Melina a starting point for your free consultation (via phone call or video chat). During your consultation, you and Melina will discuss your style, any themes or concepts you enjoy, your budget, metal and gemstone preferences, and size specifications (ring size, chain length, etc.). Feel free to share images at this stage.


To begin your custom design journey, a preliminary design fee is required. After payment is received, Melina will provide a variety of 3-5 design directions for you to choose from based on your consultation. From here, you can pick which direction is your favourite and if there are elements you'd like to include/remove. Estimates are available at this time.


Some designs will require a bit more detail. In this case, your piece will be 3D rendered (for precise settings or symmetrical designs) or carved in wax (for natural or organic looking designs). Once a 3D rendering or wax model is approved, an exact quote can be provided. At this point, a 50% deposit is required to begin the creation of your bespoke piece.


Your bespoke jewellery piece will then be crafted with much detail and care. Along the way, Melina will provide updates as needed. Once your jewellery piece is complete, you'll receive a photo, digital Care Booklet, and final invoice in which the remaining 50% is due. Your bespoke jewellery will then be carefully packaged and ready to enjoy!

Time Frame

3 - 5 months*

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January / February

May / June

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August / September

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December / January

*Because NAKIIT is an independent artisan brand, your bespoke journey will be with the artist herself, allowing for a personal and collaborative experience. Due to this one-to-one exclusivity, the time frame of 3-5 months is best, however in some instances shorter timelines can be accommodated.


To start your custom jewellery process today, fill out the form below with what you have in mind.

Metal Type

Please note, custom sterling silver commissions start at $500 and gold commission start at $1000.

Bespoke Form


Looking for some inspiration for a bespoke jewellery piece? Click on the button below to view an array of custom pieces handcrafted by Melina at NAKIIT.

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