• Free solo is a form of technical ice or rock climbing where the climber is without ropes, harnesses or other protective equipment, forcing them to rely entirely on their own individual preparation, strength, and skill. Each link in the Free Solo Foxtail Chain bracelet is individually bent from hand-drawn wire, methodically feeding each loop through one another to form the structure of the bracelet. Capped off with hand-formed tubing and a handcrafted sister hook clasp. Artistry, detail, and patience were at the forefront when crafting this one-of-a-kind piece.

    Free Solo Foxtail Chain Bracelet

    • Materials & Dimensions

      • Solid sterling silver
      • 100% hand fabricated chain & clasp
      • Black ceramic plating on the interior
      • Foxtail style chain
      • Sister hook clasp
      • Approximately 8" long